Cultural Diversithy

A description About the Test and Tom.

About the Test

Nova's Cultural Diversity test was designed for use in a workplace or school setting to help understand employees' and/or students' attitudes toward cultural diversity. This latest version is being re-released as an online test that anyone can take.

In a time when discrimination law suits are a common occurance, the Cultural Diversity Test allows companies to take a proactive approach by testing their employees before problems arise. If necessary, they can then implement diversity training for their employees and hopefully avoid discrimination law suits. This article highlights some of the astronomical costs companies can occur over the course of a law suit. Mr. Rundquist's Cultural Diversity Test was the topic of this article in an issue of Entrepeneur magazine which talked about the benefits of diversity testing in a business setting.

The Cultural Diversity Test is divided into several different types of questions:


These are just a few simple questions about your background. Choose the most appropriate answer.


Read the description of each situation and imagine it happening to you. Do not choose what you think you should say or what you think other people would deem as the right answer. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Just choose the response that most closely matches the way that you would respond to the given situation.


This section tests how strongly you agree or disagree with a given situation. You can choose: Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Agree or Strongly Agree.


How would you most likely react to these situations with fellow co-workers? Would you: Ignore the comments, Respond with the same behavior, Confront the employee, Tell Manager/Supervisor, File a grievance or File a lawsuit.


Begin by selecting a race - it should be one other than your own. The questions that follow are once again scaling how much you agree or disagree with given comments or how much you would object or not object to certain situations. Once again, please answer truthfully, not how you think you should answer.

About Tom


(TR) Thomas J. Rundquist - Personal Bio

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Personal Bio
I was born April 7, 1945 in Big Rapids, Michigan to a family of artists and furniture designers.   I graduated from Big Rapids High School in 1963. I have been CEO/President of Nova Review Inc. since 1981. Nova Review Inc. is an art publishing and social concern writing publisher.   I also went through Commissioning as an Officer in the Infantry in May 1969, but did not go active due to a hearing loss at the end of my Masters Degree and completion of the 2yr Senior Army ROTC program.

Later I ran as a Democrat for State Representative and then for U.S. Congress from West Central Michigan's 4th District.

I am better known as a writer and sell my publications through plus and I am available at all bookstores.

My first publication was a simulation called "Horse is Boss (Drug Culture Monopoly)".   It was featured in the Sunday Detroit News and then later in the Grand Rapids Press.

Awards and Achievements
I was selected as one of the "2000 Outstanding Artists and Designers of the 20th Century Worldwide".   Kundalini, one of my popular prints, was selected for "Art Business News", my art juried for Art Communication International CD-Rom as one of 323 out of 10,000 juried entrees.   In the early 80's I was selected for an "Anthology of Young and Promising Artists" that now many have become famous.
Author of many publications such as Racial Attitude Test, Horse is Boss (Drug Culture Monopoly) and many others. See,,

Stanford University Education:
  • Graduate School of Business Program for Top Executives
  • M.A. Eastern Michigan University
  • B.S. Eastern Michigan University
  • A.S. Ferris State University
  • Studied @ Wayne State University

  • Urban Institute of Contemporary Art in Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Artworks of Big Rapids, Michigan
  • LazArt Chain of Art Galleries
  • Palm Beach Art Galleries
  • Raymond Duncan Gallery in Paris, France (bronze award in a juried contest).